When To See A Couples Counselor

Most couples call with a specific concern about their relationship. They may be experiencing repetitive arguments and poor communication, there may be conflicts regarding parenting, money, dealing with extended families, or intimacy, or they may be trying to cope with the aftermath of an affair.

Sometimes couples struggle with less specific problems or crises. These can include diminished feelings of closeness or love, or settling into a routinized, less personal relationship. It is easy to assume that these changes are the natural result of lengthier relationships, the inevitable cost of dealing with the responsibilities of family life.

But disappointment over the loss of intimacy and specialness in a couple’s life can be the precursor to more significant rifts or crises down the road. And most importantly, these changes are not inescapable and unavoidable. Couples begin with a desire for a shared emotional life, for an intimate partnership, and this desire does not disappear as time goes by. It can be difficult to sustain this closeness in the face of life’s demands and changes, and couples therapy can offer an opportunity to re-connect with your partner in a powerful way.