I am conducting all my sessions online via the telemedicine service Doxy.me. In my experience, couples can have a very helpful and productive experience in online therapy, and insurance companies are currently reimbursing for telehealth sessions.
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Couples begin their lives with the highest of expectations, with a sense of emotional partnership, of being in it together, but what happens when life events, personal difficulties, or repetitive conflicts and disappointments leave them feeling disconnected and alone? There is very little time built into our lives for trying to improve our couples relationship and even less clarity on how to do this effectively, and so it is all too easy to settle into unsatisfying patterns that over time can lead to more significant problems.

A lot has been learned professionally in the past twenty years about what it takes to succeed as a couple and how to help couples who are in trouble. Marriage counseling offers an extremely effective way to help couples move toward a more satisfying partnership. However, it is important to find a therapist who is trained and experienced as a specialist in this work. I specialize in working with couples and have done so for over thirty years.

I believe in a careful evaluation of each couple’s life situation. From there, a route can be mapped out to help them become the team they want to be.